Swan Fund was founded when Adri Zwaanswijk, best known as “Swan”, ended his korfball career,
Swan Fund was born out of the belief that korfball is one of the keys to develop a respectful and gender equal world.
Swan Fund introduces korfball to countries by organising clinics, tournaments, coach courses and referee courses.
Swan Fund adopted the Millenium Goals and strives to fund korfball-projects that help realizing the UN Millenium Development Goals.
Swan Fund is ANBI-recognised (registration number 816728550), making donations to the Swan Fund may tax deductible in The Netherlands.
Several leading and key-playing persons in today’s korfball and sports world decided to write a testimonial with respect to the person Adri Zwaanswijk and the important work his Swan Fund realizes.
Dr. Pramod C. SharmaCo-Chairman of Indian Korfball Committee

“There is no doubt that Swan is an affable and courteous gentleman. He is a great mentor, very passionate, humble and encouraging. In 1979, I was standing outside the Delhi Airport, holding a placard which said "Mr. Adrienne Zwaanswijk". After waiting for a while I saw a tall dutch man wearing a korf in one of his arm with a pleasant smile on his face walking towards me. He introduced himself “Hey, I'm Swan” then he handed over the korf to me and hugged me. It was the first time ever that 'Korfball' entered the boundaries of India. I feel myself privileged to be acquainted to one of the most amazing and hard working man. After his continuous efforts and visits to India at regular intervals we established the Korfball Federation of India in 1981 and continued organizing introductory courses in Delhi and different parts of country.”

Prof. Ben CrumIKF Senior Korfball Advisor

"Zwaanswijk is an artist, thé pioneer in the game korfball. Zwaanswijk was a ballet lover. As a korfball coach, he was looking for the similarities between ballet and korfball during the game. He was looking for the artistic features of the game. He found them in “timing of passing”, “catching while jumping” and in “gracefully playing the ball”. He was the first who was convinced that korfball had to be played with 'own' material. Thus he developed a "korfball shoe" and it was no coincidence that Adidas became the first sponsor of the korfball federation. The most remarkable creative intervention, which Zwaanswijk introduced was the synthetic basket in 1998."

Mr. Jan Sjouke van den BosKorfball Master Coach

"Swan Fund's founder, Zwaan, went all over the world to promote our sport. First thing he learnt was: 'countries need to have korfball material and some knowledge of the sport to have a successful start'. He found a lot of friends around the world who shared these values of korfball. Especially the gender equality in this mixed gender team event is special, this now even is an IOC recommendation for the future. Swan Fund helps in developing korfball, which has already 67 countries on all the continents."

Mr. Kees RodenburgDirector KNKV

"The Dutch Korfball Federation, KNKV, is very pleased with the high return achieved by Swan Fund. Together with the resources of KNKV (LWIK), Swan Fund creates conditions for IKF to realize its DEC high-quality programs in places where korfball development would otherwise not be possible."