Korfball Tour
Cameroon 2013

Between 27 April and 13 May 2013 Dutch trainers Joost Preuninger (Fortuna) and Sirk Jan Drost (VIKO) made a tour through three regions in Cameroon. This was a sequel and expansion of the initiative Mark Tissink had developed last year. The intention was to present korfball to a wider audience and create a vision on future developments. Two forms of compact games were introduced in the form of Mono Korfball and Zone Korfball. With these two new modes korfball will be a cheap and flexible sport that fits a country like Cameroon.
In Yahounde 35 students from ‘Halo’ and several sport trainers from Yaounde and Bertoua attended a two day workshop. They were instructed on the basics of korfball and practiced their skills.
In Bamenda 103 students from ‘Cios’ from this city and from Dschang attended clinics at the Cios for two days.
The tour finished in Bafang, where several clinics were organised on elementary schools and colleges. The final preparation of the Korfball Challenge, during the Mini Olympics, were attended by 110 childeren.
And a challenge it was: 22 teams competed in the Challenge. The experienced trainers organised a great program that the children enjoyed a lot. The winning team of the colleges came from Cetic de Batcho, in the elementary competition the Ecole Catholique St. Josehp De Nguenack has won.
Many thanks to our sponsors IKF, SwanFund, Spoca Sportprijzen, Korfbalvereniging ACKC en VIKO, NLKorfbal.nl, Sport en Recreatie Rotterdam, onze trainers Joost Preuninger en Dirk Jan Drost, and our partners in Cameroon AJA en ACK.
  • 2¬†Volunteers
  • 550¬†Hours
  • 250 Korfball players